Driving Innovation

                    Building AI-Powered Self-Driving Cars


                    Powering Safer, Smarter Cars

                    Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives cars the ability to see, think, learn and navigate a nearly infinite range of driving scenarios. NVIDIA uses the power of AI and deep learning to deliver a breakthrough end-to-end solution for autonomous driving—from data collection, model training, and testing in simulation to the deployment of smart, safe, self-driving cars.


                    This highly advanced, software-defined platform for autonomous machines delivers 200 TOPS—nearly 7X the performance of NVIDIA Xavier. It's powered by the new Orin system-on-a-chip and designed to handle the large number of applications and DNNs that run simultaneously in autonomous vehicles and robots.

                    Autonomous Vehicle Innovation in the Car and in the Cloud

                    DATA COLLECTION

                    The NVIDIA DRIVE? platform can simultaneously process data from up to 16 sensors, constantly collecting vital data for building a robust training library for AI self-driving cars.

                    MODEL TRAINING

                    NVIDIA? DGX? data center systems offer the fastest path to safe AI implementation, seamlessly training deep learning models for autonomous driving on vast amounts of data.


                    NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation? enables critical simulation for the training and validation of self-driving vehicles, with hardware-in-the-loop testing.


                    With NVIDIA DRIVE AGX, autonomous vehicles process data and make decisions with superhuman levels of perception and performance, enabling smarter, safer driving.

                    Partnering for Success

                    NVIDIA solutions empower leading automakers, truck makers, suppliers, startups, and others on the path to autonomous driving.

                    DRIVE AV SAFETY FORCE FIELD

                    Introducing NVIDIA Safety Force Field, a computational defensive driving policy to shield autonomous vehicles from collisions

                    DRIVE LABS

                    Peek under the hood of NVIDIA DRIVE Software with our latest video series. 



                    SOCIAL FEED

                    NVIDIA automotive solutions are available to automakers, tier 1 suppliers, startups, and research institutions working on the future of transportation.