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                    MAKING 3D DL EASY

                    Introducing Kaolin, a PyTorch library aiming to accelerate 3D deep learning research. Kaolin provides efficient implementations of differentiable 3D modules for use in deep learning systems.

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                    Discover our most recent AI research and the new capabilities deep learning brings to visual and audio applications. Explore the latest innovations and see how you can bring them into your own work. We'll update this page frequently with new demos and tools.

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                    NVIDIA investigations often encompass more than one research area; the list of research areas allows for one way to organize our publications, people and projects.

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                    ISSCC 2020
                    2020 International Solid-State Circuits Conference,San Francisco | February 16-20, 2020
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                    International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization, San Diego, CA, USA | February 22 - 26, 2020
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                    GTC SJ 2020
                    San Jose McEnery Convention Center | March 22-26, 2020
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                    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia | April 26-30 2020
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                    Seattle, WA | June 16-20 2020
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